Southern Comfort Combine ~Boar Dogs~

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Welcome to our website! I created this place to share our passion with others, hunting hogs with dogs (as well as small game from time to time.) We not only hunt hogs to put meat in the freezer, but also because we enjoy the whole hunting experience and working along side our dogs. We put a lot of time, effort, and care into our dogs, and we are very proud of them. Every dog we have here at SCC has a job, and they do it well. My husband and I each have our own pack. Breeds currently included between our packs are: Staghounds, Catahoulas, Patterdale and Jagd Terriers, English Bull Terriers,  Bluetick Coonhounds, Bull Lurchers, American Bulldogs and in the near future, crosses of the aforementioned. We have some very exciting plans for future crosses amongst our dogs, that should definitely put the brakes on the hogs that like to run run run! We are located in the Southeast, USA. We are a CLOSED yard, for our dogs' safety. We do not allow visitors under any circumstances. We do not breed often, but when we do, we tend to hold back as many offspring as we can to raise up/work, but this is not always possible. In these rare occurences, we may have a pup or two made available to the public. If so, they will be available to working homes only. These dogs are bred to hunt, and it would do them no justice to go to a home where they would not be allowed to do so. I will be adding photos to the site on a continual basis, and occasionally a blog entry as time permits. Happy hunting! ~K & J~

*Blog updated 3/22/15*